and hear what our clients are saying about us...

bon appétit


"Omg, not only did they look amazing, they were soo yummy too! You’re the freaking best!!!!!"

image0 (2).jpeg

"I could of eaten the whole cake by myself!! But I had to share with my family ... I actually snuck an extra piece to save for breakfast 

Thanks so much for the most beautiful cake for my mom’s birthday! She loved it so much and you made it so special. She said she’s never eaten anything so beautiful that tasted so good!"

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We just ate the cake... That was the most delicious chocolaty bananalicious cake we've ever eaten. Thank you so much!! We are hooked. 
You will be our go-to baker for everything!

Cindy you seriously need to be a  famous baker... I am obsessed with baking shows and have tried all the good high end bakeries in this city and this cake... takes the cake! Lol pun intended. No seriously, you're goooooood!!!
 Thanks again! You're seriously the best. 


"Don’t tell my grandma but you’re apple pie is the best thing I’ve ever eaten! Full of apples, perfectly baked, not too sweet ... we all loved it."