Welcome to my kitchen...

My earliest memories, about 5 or 6 years old, always include getting up early during those hot summer days to watch my mom roll out pastry dough. But I could never just “watch” – within minutes I’d pull up a chair and start helping.


The smell of aromatic spices like cloves, cinnamon, tonka beans and vanilla always bring me right back to that place. Elbows deep in fresh bread dough, the sun peaking through the windows and the smile on my moms face as she wiped the flour off my face.


It isn’t surprising that the tradition of early morning baking continued through the generations with my children on one side of the rolling pin and my mom’s recipes on the other.

Le panier plein (French for “a full basket”) was born out of a desire to create food sensations, joys and memories for everyone in my life. Imagine taking your bike through small towns in Europe, stopping at markets, picking up pastries, fruit, fresh ingredients... filling up your basket ... that’s my baking.


I’m a flavour baker... it’s not about sugar, it’s about letting the ingredients shine and be complimented by something you wouldn’t think of!  You won’t get anything sickly sweet, but you will get a balance of incredible ingredients and fabulous flavours!  


Outside of the kitchen, I love to travel. This allows me to not only reset, but to be inspired. Every adventure is a journey of sights, smells and tastes – all of which influence the recipes that I am fortunate enough to share with each of you.


Ready to fill your basket? Trust your baker, let yourself be open to explore and try something new… life just might surprise you.


"a full basket"